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April 27, 2011

Everything seems to be processed nowadays leaving no room for individual expression. The same-old, same-old has been replaced by a same-new, same-new that makes the same-old appear much more exciting because the same-old had a wider breadth about it. In a word, there doesn’t seem to be any characters around today (that’s nine words, could have been ten if does not was written instead of doesn’t).

However, all is not lost as I was introduced recently to a character. An acquaintance told me the fellow (Dan was his name) I was about to meet used brackets in every one of his spoken sentences. Intrigued, I said hello to Dan.

“Hello and Hi (that’s lo and hi not high and low).”

“What do you do, Dan?”

“I’m a carpenter (that’s more skilful than a joiner) and my favourite wood is mahogany (would be teak if somebody wrote (more…)