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Whizz on Wings

September 12, 2015

Wizz Air is planning a direct air route from Scotland to Bucharest. Before you ask, Wizz Air are nothing to do with us. The italicised statement below is direct from their website to here. This is them clattering their own trolley.

Wizz Air is a value-oriented airline that focuses on innovation all along the way of the customer journey. Our aim is to make flying affordable to the citizens of CEE, as well as to provide a new travel experience to all travellers in the EU. The latest technology is deployed to ensure that the “Wizz Air experience” is outstanding in terms of service and value for money. Wizz Air offers a ‘simple service model’, which means: ticketless travel, use of cost- and time-efficient secondary airports, single class all-leather seat configuration and catering on demand for extra payment.

Bully Beef and chips to you. There is one slight problem and it concerns the name. When it was brought to the technical head at the brain of our Numskull operation he issued a directive to sue. We fully expected to win the case and receive wooly mammoth damages. Then our Sisyphean secretary, Hillary, stopped climbing the paper mountain at the side of the blog to inform us they were formed first. Wizz Air were conceived in 2003, All the Whizz from Bizz just seems as if it’s been around since the penny dreadful days but we…are… younger. (Told you we were nowhere near middle age).

We dropped the zoot against Wizz much as they chopped the H from Whizz and things were all Beano and Dandy until a writ was brought against us by the creators of the comic character, Billy Whizz. Gee-Whizz, they said we were infringing their copyright and any more of our snash and they would send round the Bash Street Kids. We replied, we Dan Dare you. I think they forgot we had Bobby the Brontosaurus and Steg the Stegosaurus on our books. The Sailor Boy has also been known to throw a strop. Let Battle commence, we’ll be the Victor.

The war took on a second front when Whizzer and Chips joined the fray. This is going to be a long haul.

Leaving the cartoons behind the main point of this blog is that most names and slogans are trademarked/copyrighted/owned. Coming up with a brand name that is brand new is very difficult. And as we are in the process of starting a new airline ourselves the Wizz Air model has stolen our wind. To become Top Gun we have thrown a few names into the luggage compartment for consideration.

Paper Plane Air.

Whizz With an H Air.

Bizz Class.

Air We Go, Air We Go.

Fly Whizz Us.