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Tomato Wars

September 29, 2012

There’s a lot of potential flashpoints ringed around the world that could ignite at any time- think of the Japan/China crisis or the holy wars between Israel/Iran or the disintegrating marriage of Catalonia/Spain. Diplomats have never been busier. And yet, an edible little fruit could bring about the biggest trade war of them all.

The US has terminated an agreement that has set a minimum price on Mexican tomatoes imported into the United States over the past 16 years. Mexico has threatened to retaliate by raising costs of its tomatoes imported to the States and endangering other bilateral trade disputes.

The tomato is about to embark on a campaign of terror that would make Bloody Mary flinch. And the tomato is such a nice guy, ordinarily. Now I don’t know about you but I can’t put a burger in my mouth without it dripping with tomato ketchup. The sauce blitzes those taste buds into a frenzy; tomato sauce has got personality.

On its own the little red ball can be eaten singularly like an apple. And it is more fulfilling than a bland Granny Smith green ball. The tomato has to be consumed carefully as it can be messy with the juice and pips flying all over the place. Though this little inconvenience adds to the glamour of the salsa’y nature of the Ferrari red tomato.

The Italians who know a thing or two about food use tomatoes extensively in their pizza and pasta recipes. It’s also hard to think of a better starter on the table than tomato soup. The tomato really is a gift from the gods. It’s a pity it has got mixed up in this disagreement between the North American neighbours. Though, when the going gets tough the tomato gets going. After all, it is a member of the nightshade family. Deadly tomatoes are about to be thrown in a twenty-first century Mexican war.