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Stop! Truck

July 31, 2012

There are some things that are daft and some things that aren’t. This is daft.

A truck without a trailer is a little boy lost. The drivers of these vehicles must be embarrassed when they are on the road. It doesn’t matter that they might have dropped a load or be on their way to pick up some haulage, when they are seen trailer less it is humiliating.

Imagine their truck draws up beside a school bus on the motorway. The children won’t gesticulate to the driver to pull his horn as is customary when a HGV driver is spotted. They might make other gestures instead. And what about the poor truck itself? Without a load on its back it will seem self-consciously naked. I half expect the truck to do a transformer trick and try to cover itself up

There is a Dutch truck manufacturing company called DAF Trucks. Whenever I see one of these vehicles stationary I want to run over with a pot of paint and write the letter “T” after DAF. That’s another daft thing.

Now this isn’t daft. This is more exciting than Formula One, NASCAR or any other of those petrol head things. I’d love a shot at truck racing. Start your engines.