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Copper futures and old Police

April 10, 2016

2016 was meant to be the year of copper yet as the graph below shows the metal is on course to be named year of the cropper. Early gains at the back end of last year, a weak economy and weak growth in developed markets is stunting the copper price.

The future of copper is not bright. This is a shame as it is one of the most under rated of metals. It is not as esteemed as its close cousins: Gold and Silver. Indeed, one of the alloys of copper is bronze which is normally associated with third prize in athletics events. The more well-off cousins are first and second. Not fair, I’d love to buy a bronze ring.

Unlike the mighty Iron, copper does not get rusty. A sub-mariner at heart, it is immune to water and when it reacts with atmospheric oxygen it forms a layer of copper oxide that protects the copper from further erosion. It’s as if it’s wearing a coat out in the cold. Wrapping up warm, good for you, copper.

Those Americans got it all wrong when naming their currency. A five cent coin is called a Nickel. Yet the mint is composed of 25% nickel and 75% copper! It should be called a copper. At least here in the UK, we say about our minor loose change- I’ve got some coppers in my pocket.

Coppers is also the nickelname for policepersons. Various answers are cited for why cops are cops. Eventually, after 200 words or so of drivel or cheese, I’ve got to the point of the blog. The long arm of the law. A Police record.