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Something borrowed, Something blue…

May 9, 2011

Planning and executing a perfect kidnap must be quite a complex task, I’d imagine. However, this first part of the crime seems the easiest. The final stage, involving the handing over of ransom money in exchange for the prisoner is fraught with difficulties. There must only be a few cases where the authorities are aware of the transaction and the criminals get away with it.

The complications in the swapping process were uppermost in my mind as I went to meet a friend that had a book belonging to me. Another thing is sometimes those paying the money are getting back damaged goods. It’s been known for kidnappers to chop fingers off their victims. Yet, people will still pay top dollar for what is to all intents and purposes, second hand merchandise.

Approaching the rendezvous that had been delayed and delayed for weeks I could see my friend’s (more…)