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Tales of The Wire: 1. Ziggy

April 3, 2010

The words hero and Ziggy Sobotka just didn’t look right in the same sentence. The car thieving, drug selling, manhood flashing, duck loving longshoreman was bereft of redeeming characteristics. He is a daft boy, that’s true, he is also a cold blooded murderer convicted for twenty years.

While doing his stretch, Ziggy swore to change his outlook on life. His impeccable behaviour behind bars resulted in a reduced sentence for his crime; the aforementioned murder. He wracked his brains to find a meaning, an outlet for his brand new taste for redemption.

He sought solace in a six string acoustic guitar and twanged away with his tattooed knuckles at a melody. Alas! Ziggy couldn’t play guitar. Discarding the guitar Ziggy vowed, no more will I be the village idiot, a comic strip goofball, I am going to be a legend. (more…)