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Wooden Heart

May 27, 2010


We are the wooden men
We are the stacked men
Bundled together
Headpiece filled with splinters. Alas!
Our dried pallet cracks in the heat
Giving grief as Rat’s feet
With a skelf
Paralyzed, yelp for help

Those who have passed
With broken wood, to purgatory or side of the road
Remember us
As the wooden men
The stacked men


Every day a new voyage
Of discovery
Passing through the wasteland
More caressing acquaintances than Warren Beatty
Fondle us daily on our delivery
Tracy Emin would run out of graffiti

In our warehouses
We crate together
Slaves on a galley
Never knowing where to next

The beast with forked tongs appears
Darth Hideous!
Transported without a goodbye
To another ship, another load, another day


The sealing contraceptive wrapping
Engulfs us
Warping our frame
Suffocating us
From our four corners, we’re tied
A Gulliver on Lilliput
We play possum the cat
Every journey could be the last
Passing away of stacked men

In dreams of death
We see a broken slat
On a funeral pyre with flames high
And a boy shouts
“Penny for the guy”
We remember
Our violent chainsaw birth
Born with a timber
End with an ember


On an abandoned road beside a pond
Not hitch-hiking
A man picked me up with great hands of brawn
It was a carpenter who was able
Turned the ugly duckling into a swan
I breathe anew as a bedside table