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Central European Time bomb (a northerner says no to the great time swizz)

January 19, 2015

The cataclysmic news that the Switzerland National Bank (SNB) has scrapped its currency cap against the euro spells disaster for foreign exchange traders. It also means Swiss exports will be more expensive. My alpine concern concerns Swiss rolls. If these delicacies reach Matterhorn heights in value I will need to switch to the more dominone Battenburg cake or as we call it in the Royalist household- the Mountbatten.

My wrist has never been bangled by a Swiss watch even when they were cheap. The word cheap maybe not the correct word to use but it’s all relative. Just like time. Time is a relative you try to avoid. An outlaw not an in-law.

There’s a lot of time wasted checking the time. In a pie chart of your life there will be a considerable slice of it used up by the time: looking at your watch, glancing at the clock, an eyebrow lift at your cell phone digital timer, appointments cards, calendar reminders, setting video recorders, entranced by microwave countdowns. The list goes on and on and on…

No more. Not for me. Just like I have ditched googling, I have decided to live a time free life.

The watches and clocks have gone. Their time is up.

I go to work in the morning at my own leisure. Sometimes I’m late, sometimes I’m early. You takes your chance.

Boardroom meetings have the same fate. When I’m early, to combat boredom, I slide across the huge shiny table. I could slide for Scotland.

Library fines are inevitable so no expect the unexpected there.

Dental visits will now be marvellous experiences. I will try and judge the six month intervals between check-ups. Good chance I’ll be a few days out on that one. The conversation with the receptionist will be throaty and earthy. The incident could be dubbed Colgate.

TV guides are a thing of the past. Fragmentary programmes shuttle back and forth across the screen.  Their indecipherable plot lines magisterial in their mystery.

Going on holiday won’t be a handicap as I don’t fly. The plane might not wait for me but the bus will. And I’m sure I can handle a few impatient busgoers muttering “there’s always one”.

Because there will be more than one. Jump on the band wagon. Abandon time all ye who enter here. We don’t need it. Join me in this timeless crusade. Together we can rule the galaxy. Forever. Whatever forever means. We can be heroes for just one…Whoop, need to go. Time for tea.