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Big Ben’s little brothers

November 16, 2009

The luxury watch maker appropriately named Swatch Group, famous for the brands Omega and Breguet, reported that demand is picking up as high earners start to spoil themselves again. The high rollers love nothing more than a fancy timepiece on their wrist and a Swatch will do nicely. As a neutral commentator on this issue I have to swatch what I’m saying but I do wear a Rolex myself.

The simple and effective naming of Swatch leaves you in no doubt of what they make. Other companies should follow suit, what price- Schairs, Spaddling Pools, Skinsurance, Scairlines, Telastic bands, Avandals and Esajollygoodfellow making it on to the footsie 100 index.

Dipping low in the lap of luxury the Omega watch is a smart piece of technology. It is waterproof, dust proof, scratch resistant and almost foolproof. No one has dared drop one yet to test the resilience of its mettle. One more thing in the watches favour, apparently it can also tell the time but then so does a three bob ticker bought from a Spiv at the market, well for a week anyway.

In this digital age it remains a mystery how the “before its time” digital watch never took over the world. A useful invention for people who didn’t understand the Roman numerals on their dial or the intricacies of hour and minute hands, the digital version had in some versions red neon numbers. A special button also illuminated the watch in the dark. And the stopwatch, wow, this was ground breaking stuff. I used to time my 100 metres sprints in those days. However, the only record breaking done was when I sat on a Duran Duran 45.

Everything is to do with time, nowadays, time waits for nobody. Time for breakfast, time for meetings, time for lunch, time for guitar lessons, time for supper, time for the pub, time for big Archie to shout “No more orders finish up NOW!” It was the worst of times; it was the worst of times.