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The Adventures of Stone Man #1: A good ring to it

October 1, 2013

This was your stereotypical robbery: jewellery store, masked man (stocking squashing face distorting features), gun, swag bag, frightened owner.

“Put all the gems in the bag. Hurry.” the robber’s demands were simple and to the point. If he weren’t so scared the jeweller would have quipped ‘don’t call me Harry’ but it wasn’t the day for having a laugh with the customers.

Over in the café directly across the street Martin Mason was having a quiet soft drink. As he dredged the bottom of the cup he could see the commotion over the road. It wasn’t April Fools day and it wasn’t Halloween so the masked man was obviously a hold-up artist. Well, it’s time to put my new powers to the test, said Martin.

As he left the eatery a transformation took place in Martin’s anatomy. Gone was the skin, bone, blood and all that made him human. It was replaced by a creature that was made entirely of bricks; a living, breathing full size chiselled model of man bricks. He crunched over to the jewellery store as the public looked on in wonder at a walking wall.

“Put the gun down.” the thing with bricks could also speak.

The robber panicked and shot at the brick man leaving core holes in his torso. The holes filled themselves up as if nothing had happened. The astonished robber was then grounded when a brick fist smashed into his face. As the vigilante turned to leave he was thanked by the jewellery owner who resisted the temptation to add ‘you’re a diamond geezer’.

Waking the next day Martin Mason rose sleepily from his bed. Pulling back the covers he could see brick dust on the sheets. I must have had another one of those funny dreams, he said. Going to the mirror in the bathroom it was clear that he needed a shave. Martin lifted his fingers to his face and they converted into a sharpening stone. Stroking the stone down his cheek he had the closet shave a man could have. Perfect. A Turkish barber couldn’t better that.

Then Martin remembered the day he died.

Jed Rico’s gang of thugs had kidnapped him. They took him to the massive Racecourse motorway flyover. It was his crooked brother, Budge, they were after. With Budge Mason gone missing in the wind Martin was used as a warning sign to Budge that he would be next. The mob boss Rico was not there to witness the hit. He left that to his trusted lieutenant, Tyre-Face Swindon. Swindon threw Martin down a deep hole in the foundation and then a gang member tipped the contents of a cement mixer truck into the cavity burying martin alive…

Startlingly brought back to life by the undead spirits of the concrete world, Martin was given the power to take on the properties of any building material he wished. From this day forth, he vowed to fight crime, find his brother and kill Jed Rico.

The mundane employment world of Martin was in the stationery blank paper sellers offices of Muses and Blocks. He was a lowly office junior in this environment of paper related material. As Martin arrived for work his immediate superior and all-round braggart, Fresh Wildman, was trying as usual to impress the secretary Brandy, with his wit and tales of derring-do.

“Hey Brandy, did you hear that our fair city has a new superhero? It’s in the newspapers. Some guy dressed as a pile of bricks foiled a jewellery heist. Stone Man saves Stones, blazes the headline. Stone Man? What kind of joker does he think he is? He wouldn’t last a day in my neighbourhood.”

Martin thought it was time to bring Fresh crashing down to earth. He walked past the blow hard and unseen lifted the bottom of his trouser leg. From his bare ankle he ejected fragmented pebbles that trickled on the carpet like loose chippings on a road. As Martin walked to his desk Fresh took a step back and lost his footing, tumbling to the ground. Brandy laughed. Martin smiled. They had a fleeting eye contact moment before the flustered Fresh got to his feet and shuffled back to his station.

The rest of the day passed in the usual, dreary fashion enlivened only when Fresh was hauled into the proprietor’s office and had strips torn off him by the belligerent paper boss, Mister Block.

“I feel sorry for Fresh.” Martin said to Brandy.

“Don’t be. He wouldn’t for you.”

“Probably. Oh well, goodnight, Brandy.”

“Goodnight, X”

All was good in the world. Stone Man had a good ring to it. Summer’s here and the time is right for racing in the street. Literally. Police sirens could be heard and tyres were squealing as a car chase was taking place in this fair city. Martin could see the villainous vehicle being pursued by the squad car. They were heading his way. It was time for Stone Man to react.

Martin ran into the middle of the road and pulled the asphalt up forming a ramp. With no time to change direction the car in front drove up the ramp and overturned on the way down. With the car dead in its tracks Martin moved to the side of the pavement and let the police finish off the job. The crooks were shaken but otherwise unhurt as they were led away. Martin recognised one of the perpetrators. It was Tyre-faced Swindon.

Barrack Prison: Maximum security. Only for the baddest of the bad. There was no way out. And no way in…?

There was a rippling effect in the walls of the building. It was as if a solitary wave was flowing uphill. Flowing, breathing, living. The unseen concrete spirit travelled within these walls searching for its prey. Prisoners lay on their bunks oblivious to the menace that was entering their cells before abandoning them as if they were petty. The spirit continued to scour the walls of stone.

Tyre-face Swindon was confined alone in his cell room. He was eye-balling a lurid magazine when he heard what sounded like a rumbling of stone; an unusual ring tone. Then, escaping from the prison wall into the cell was a tumbling of rocks that transformed into a man’s shape. Standing there in human form was Martin Mason. Tyre-Face’s face froze.

“Tell me where I can find Jed Rico?”