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Flame filled chords break through the Firewall

July 4, 2015

Without knowing much about them, when I was a pup my favourite English football team was Reading; it was something to do with the name; it had a ring about it. At the time I didn’t know they were nicknamed The Royals so that was a Brucie bonus when I found out. Little did I know that I would grow up to be The Royalist.

Reading FC are pronounced -as I’m sure you know- Redding and not reading as in what you’re doing just now. Though I can understand Guillaumey foreigner being confused. My kingdom for a homonym, indeed. Where one tries to lead the other is stuck in lead. You can chip your nail varnish with a nail. Have you ever been on a trip and tripped?

Enough of homonymphobia, let’s cut to the stream. Spotify are one of the best music streaming services on the line (© The Internship 2013). Now I am not ashamed to admit that my knowledge of computers is limited. The technological age beats me all the time. Something went wrong with my Spotify account, I don’t know what, I pressed the wrong button or something. The downshot was that I was forever off the line ( that’s a wee © from me). Seeking help from one that knows he suggested that the problem was with my firewall setting. Firewall? I didn’t even know I had one of those fearsome sounding things aboard.

So I messed about with the firewall. As you do. No matter what I did with it: turn it off, turn it on, pass go, go west, go deep, exit stage left, turn it on again, go straight, collect $200, go right, go to jail- Spotify remained offline. A further remedy suggested was uninstall the programme and then install it again. This option had the potential to go through all those motions previously stated with the end result being the same but…it worked. By re-installing the prog,  my music streamer of choice is now online and I can comb through its vast network of sounds again.

Which brings us to Sweden’s Yngwie Johan Malmsteen. This Nordic guitar lord juxtaposes heavy metal with a touch of classical; Yngwie, has an idiosyncratic shredder style. As my stream was running again I spotifyied the Swede until my ears bled. The name Yngwie is a toe-curler for those that first see it. I’ve heard Yang-wee, Nnn-vee and, absurdly, Gang-way being said.

Reading time over, let’s listen to the baroque guitar hero as he soars over the battlefield. Ride of the Valkyries was never as good as this.