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Scar Wars

May 8, 2011

Long ago, in an outpost of cyberspace as far, far away as France, a magnificent blog post was published in All the Days of Dolores. This innocent story of gravel brought about an act of war perpetrated by a member of the evil Galactic Empire of Rugbyistas. Darth Islander dared challenge his blood brother from the footballing side of the family to a “Scars” contest.

Precedence shows that the rugby guy is a ham B-movie actor, while the footballer is a true Captain. You probably won’t believe this but the football player is called Butcher. We love you, Terry.

Darth’s paltry scratch can be viewed here at the Canary Hotspot.

Football scars have I many. No one in the family was brave enough to photograph the gravel rash on the back of my thigh and as I am not a contortionist it will have to remain anonymous. Ominously, I add, for now.

Therefore I have decided to put forward my forearm scar. Now how did you get a scar on your forearm playing football, you may ask? Without a word of lie, I did. Our ball was miskicked into a nearby field by a player who ended up playing rugby, naturally. As the best climber I was told to climb this high metal mesh fence to retrieve the round ball. On reaching the top and jumping down I caught my arm on a ragged piece of metal that was sticking out.

The photograph is clearly not a fake as an almanac of the complete record of Scotland’s greatest institution is on show. This means I don’t need to scribble my JW10 copyright. I’m not sure if anybody is familiar with an old competition in the newspapers called “Spot the Ball”. This was a photo of a football match with the ball airbrushed out. Entrants were invited to mark an x where they thought the ball was. The winner was the nearest x. This photo is more “Spot the Scar”.