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One Vision

August 28, 2013

Specsavers has over 800 outlets dotted about the country. Working under the Specsavers umbrella with all its support services, each store is owned by a resident optometrist. The chain’s co-founder, Dame Mary Perkins, says its vision is to last forever. Specsavers sponsor many causes. For ten years they have had their name emblazoned on the shirts of Scotland’s football referees. This shows the refs are good sports even with all the bad decision-making they do.


Walking through any major city one is handed out leaflets from colourfully attired leaflet vendors. One of the pamphlets that does the rounds offers a free eye test. Free, I say! How good is that? Nobody ever declines a freebie. But wait a minute. Last time I checked my eyes were alright. Do I need this test? Do I want to read letters on the wall chart that are getting progressively smaller? My eyes are OK, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

One thing that does bring a certain frisson to eyes, young or old, is the first time they look through binoculars. The effects of the anticipation of using this strange new optical device have not been medically analysed but it’s safe to assume that the heart beats a lot faster just before the lens are placed on the eyes for the first time.

Looking through binoculars is a type of art form. On first usage a minor adjustment might be needed to focus the sight more clearly. This is done by rotating the central focusing wheel. After this, you’re away. You can see long distance. Just like the Bionic Man.

You can go from Steve Austin to Steve Irwin in the blink of an eye. “Crikey. Look at the size of the teeth on them!” you can exclaim when binocularily inspecting the pair of pliers on your workbench on the other side of the room.

So you can spot things far away and get a close-up of the horizon. Whoopee-do. And now…you yawn. When you’ve seen one Eastern Ovalaceous Warbler, you’ve seen ‘em all. What to do next? And this is where binoculars come into their own. You can turn them round and look through the bigger lens. This demagnifies things and has the effect of making objects seem farther away than they really are. This is a laugh. For a couple of minutes.

The only thing left to cherish was your first peep.