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Lliterary mistakes- take one

August 17, 2013

There I was, browsing the books in Waterstones and yet again I discovered a filing mistake. Simon Bolivar! The excellent Peruvian writer, Mario Vargas Llosa was wrongly, alphabetically, planted in the V section. I counted to five but it was no use I was still angry. You never see Edgar Allen Poe squashed in the A’s, now do you? Why should Super Mario be singled out and dumped on the wrong shelf? Spanish naming customs can be complicated but the last name begins with L so put him with the other L’s, Willya?

I surveyed the staff. A couple of young, ditsy blonde females held fort. Digressing, this is the first time I have used the word ditsy; I don’t know what it means but it sounds right. One of MVL’s South American rivals is Colombia’s Gabriel Garcia Marquez. The New Granadian archangel is never stationed in the G department yet the Inca man was stuck in no man’s land. I prepared to make a scene and put right what was wrong. The only thing that stopped me in my tracks was an Amazon e-mail alert to my phone informing me that Llosa’s latest effort will be delivered soon. Machu Picchu! Or as they say here, ya beauty!