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A Shot at Glory

November 8, 2012

A few weeks back I was at a family wedding and my brother-in-law cannoned an idea to me that he didn’t think would see it past the break-off. He proposed a snooker competition. A four player tournament comprising the two of us and my two sons. For those of you unfamiliar with the game of snooker, I must tell you that snooker is one of the few things Scots do really well…except me. Therefore, he expected me to turn the notion down. I was swayed by the fact that he had bought a trophy from one of the trophy making centre shops, these fly by night ventures that spring up and just as quickly spring down, to be presented, fully engraved, to the winner. His keenness had won me over. That and the chance to have a big fancy dan trophy. Oh, to sit on the throne.

Generally, without making a big fast food meal deal out of it, I am startling brilliant at everything. Snooker however, is as the French say, my Bet Nawr. I’m not a Potter. I’m not a Harry Potter fan either, I’m more for Lord of the Rings but that’s a whole different ball game. Furthermore than Tolkien, I’m a Game of Thrones guy, born and bred. Or converted, whatever the case may be.

My sons took to the tournament like a cue ball to the bottom bag. To surprise my brother-in-law, me and my sons made a magazine in honour of the event with lots of in-jokes to amuse him. This was all done in a light heartened vein. Life should have more fun in it, don’t you think? We will hand this copy to him tonight.

The magazine consisted of player profiles, a snooker quiz, funny ads and a hard hitting article about the game written by yours truly. I write the Final Frame feature under the pseudonym of Steve Parrott. Best I could think of when pushed. We expect all good newsagents to stock this piece of history. Details for overseas readers on how to purchase this magazine will be printed soon. (As will a few pages of the lauded magazine when I get round to it)

The draw was kind to me. It was conducted at the aforesaid wedding reception in the evening with my wife picking numbers from a sweeties pick and mix bag.(This is true, by the way, I’m not making this up). I was drawn to play my youngest son who, in all fairness, is the weakest of the three players I could have got. Still, he will probably beat me. The other half of the draw brought the two heavyweights together. They were distraught, one of the big guns had to go out at the semi-final stage.

That’s life, funny as it seems. Some people get their kicks and there’ll be plenty of kicks during the finals. I’m talking snooker kicks, of course. The first round matches, or semi-finals if you prefer, take place this evening- November 8th 2012- wish me luck. By gum, I’ll need it.