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Fly High, Fall Far

May 29, 2011

J.G. Ballard’s novella High Rise is about a luxury skyscraper building whose occupants are roomed literally according to their wealth and class. The lower classes are at the bottom, middle class in the centre and upper class have the most expensive apartments at the top. Petty squabbles take place that escalate and events descend into anarchy as class wars erupt. A nice holiday read.

The building where our company resides also has a hierarchical structure in place, though the placement of companies in our block fluctuates depending on their success. Some firms move up and down the floors as their fortunes change. No sooner do you get to know someone before Shazam! A rights issue has catapulted the risers up two floors into a better office. JW10, by sensible management, has kept its feet on the ground in its niche. Though, one day The Rockefeller suite will be ours.

One corporation in serious trouble is the Shere Group. High-flying empire builders, they used to be called The Shere Khan Group until Mr G. Khan fell off his corporate chair horse and had to be carried down the steppes. This journey taxed the firm so much they kicked Khan out. Shares in Shere toppled forcing them to decamp to a destitute lower floor with less floor space. The walls were bare except for a crumpled old photograph of Cher which mocked their arrival.

Before long the Shere Group will be in the underground car park; the lowest of the low. From day to day they will have to shift their desks as automobiles aggressively compete for the parking bays with little sympathy for the rights of the squatters. Squashed by a car will seem like a piece of carcass for Shere compared with the nightmarish scenario of being thrown out of the car park. Out in the street, it’s a jungle out there.