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Never met the Twain

June 7, 2015

When a pop artist announces that their next tour will be their last you can never believe them. The coming out of retirement option, usually just for monetary reasons, is always available. The news that Shania Twain is on her last legs of touring caused a stir. She has not performed live since 2004. She was already retired, wasn’t she? Wasn’t she? Her final tour began in Key arena, Seattle on June 5th.

Twain’s career has utilised the “leave them begging for more” maxim. The minimum is what the Canadian singer gives us. Her thirty year’s in the service has produced a miserly four studio albums. Shania should be court martialled for her constant AWOL’ing. As punishment she should be forced to listen to the complete works of Nana Mouskouri. Nana has made over 100 albums singing in 15 different languages. Now, there’s a trooper!

With sightings of Shania as rare as Sasquatch as you may have guessed I have never seen Twain in the flesh. With the final tour only having American dates it seems unlikely that my East will go West. Still, I can listen to her music on CD and hey, get this, she has recorded a new album that is waiting release! Shania is definitely going into overdrive.

Although this little article seems critical of  the artiste’s attitude that work is a necessary evil to be avoided, I like her music. Hopefully, by stating that she won’t clobber me if she ever met me…in the flesh. I don’t want the mark of Twain on me.