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January 28, 2012

The bankrupt Swedish car manufacturer, SAAB (Swedish acronym: Svenska Aeroplan AkiteBolaget), has had its loans repaid to the European investment bank by Sweden’s debt office. This move will make it easier for a would-be buyer as the Swedish government is now one of the major creditors in the company.

Never having owned a SAAB I have no emotional ties about their demise. When talking of SAAB I always seem to call them SAB. The extra A seems convoluted, almost like a filler track on a record. The difficulty of pronouncing SA-A-B means that it can be prolonged into a bout of SA-A-A-A-B’s. It is hard to stop the A’s flowing. It feels as if you’re at the doctor’s surgery.

SAAB is almost an anagram of Sweden’s most famous export: ABBA. If only Bjorn (Ulvaeus) was called Sven or Benny (Andersson) was called Sammy they could have rearranged the initials into SAAB or SABA or ABSA or BAAS. As these non-palindrome capitals trip off the tongue the band might have met their Waterloo early in their career. As it was,with the moniker ABBA they flew high becoming immensely popular. Nothing lasts forever (as the two divorces in the group prove) and ABBA are now in the history books where they are joined by their compatriots, SAAB.

On their frequent appearances on Top of the Pops it was always Agnetha for me: Agnetha the blonde. Good as the band were she was the stand-out. She looked pretty, pretty, pretty good. As a youngster, this was my pre-rock period and while I’m now a fully-fledged, devilish head banger, I will admit to singing, if I could find a willing female accompaniment, some SAABBA songs at karaoke. So many good tunes to pick from.