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"A Great Occasion"

April 30, 2011

As passionate Royalists and lucky enough to have the day off work (not compulsory in Scotland: a rare political JW10 comment coming up: shame on you, Salmond), my family and I enjoyed the spectacular Royal wedding yesterday, super glued to the box we zapped from ITV, BBC and Sky. In a celebratory mood other friends and family were invited to a little indoor Royalty rave on randan at oor place later on.

My darling wife decided to take photos of the events on the TV screen. She was having a great time with the camera giving me the inspirational Flash (A-Ahh) of saddling her with the moniker, Lord Snowden. I’ve plastered her works all over this page while at the same time copyrighting them with my unreadable scribble. The three TV channels could sue me as it is their camera work; however, I’ve got a lawyer acquaintance who will claim that it’s my telly therefore my property.

The night’s proceedings continued in a similar red, white and blue-blooded vein. Various discussions on monarchy and Regal issues were discussed. I weighed in with some little-known facts namely that purple has always been the colour of Royalty. Purple dye was expensive and rare in the old days and was exclusive to the privileged class. Going off at a tangent I then said that the Golden Grail of record collecting, the blue vinyl Bohemian Rhapsody, by the majestic, magnificent, aptly-named Queen was supposed to be purple vinyl but the printers made a colour blunder. I got a few oohs and aahs with that one. At this point Snowden brought out her portfolio of bootleg snaps and suddenly Logie Baird televisions were the order of the night. My dear mum, I love her so much, an archetypal Glaswegian wummin of the old school, began reminiscing of all the great tellies she’d had over the years.

The 60’s: A rented set that had a slot for ten-bob bits for when the power ran out. Glory days were when the TV man would come to empty the takings and put in a free 50p shot before he left.

1978: Our first colour TV just in time for the Argentine World Cup, although, umm, Ally’s Tartan Army, umm, narrowly failed to win it. (Probably the only time I’ve cried for Argentina Scotland)

2007: A Panasonic that had a faulty slat giving a distorted picture. She knew where to take it back and took it back to Comet, giving the well-salaried manager an earful…

Nonetheless, the small screen is a wonder of the universe. I’d like to thank it for a very memorable day and wish the newly-weds all the best.