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Happy Birthday, Roger

July 25, 2013

Roger Meddows Taylor- born July 26th 1949.

Roger Taylor is the third most famous member of the rock supergroup, Queen. This must annoy him as, for example, in the Banana Splits band, all four of the crew are evenly lauded. It’s hard to pick a favourite there. Still, the Queen drummer can console himself with the fact that he was the prettiest member of the band and compared to other rock contemporaries he has weathered well. Old Roger is 64 in a few minutes and we still love him.

Roger sang and wrote a lot of songs for Queen as well as releasing a handful of solo albums. There’s a new one in the works as we speak. He even toured and released a few albums with his own band, The Cross, in which Roger played lead guitar and vocals. So the bronze medallist does have talent. To stop this post from being completely sycophantic we’ll spotlight a few lowlights. Roger’s singing voice is average if you ask me and lyrically his words can be a bit banal. We’ll forgive him his fallacies as who amongst us can cast the first rolling stone? Not me, I still only know two guitar chords.

Incredibly, the 80’s new romantic group, Duran Duran also had a drummer called Roger Taylor. That’s enough about them. Before this there was a British tennis player called Roger Taylor who reached the giddy heights of the top 16 in the men’s singles ratings, even playing the mighty Bjorn Borg during one of the Swede’s great Wimbledon runs.

There’s a lot of famous Roger Taylor’s running about. Today I wish the one that wrote Radio Ga Ga many happy returns.