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Machines in a bad mood

July 30, 2016

Nostalgia- from the Greek “nostos” return home and “algos” pain. An ache for the past.

(The following to be read as swiftly as possible and in a big shouty, excitable voice)

Cheer up Draper-Man, there’s no need to ache for the past. The big wheel has come round again. Yes Roboteers, Robot Wars is back on the small screen and available to watch on Sundays. Or on catch up or your hard drive or a pod cast or your mate’s phone or I don’t know…other places. So many choices nowadays. Last shown in 2004 when I heard Robot Wars was making a comeback I partied like it was 2001: a Space Odyssey.

This technological battle of the bots leaves Formula One trailing in its wake. No overtaking just Carnage, pure and simple. The destruction in this combat of Robots makes Rollerball look like a sugar plum fairy ballet. It makes the Terminator look like John Inman. Jack Bauer would take the day off if he thought it was going to be like this. Falconetti would…oh OK, you get the picture.

The main point is its back and all the old features are still there. The house robots still patrol their spots and attack any intruders, the arena has its areas of danger and the booming vocal cords of Jonathan Pearce are behind the microphone commentating on the Cyborgian catastrophe prevailing in the pit.

The bespoke robots entered in the contests all have their own mechanical monikers. episode one of the new series saw such gems as  Behemoth, Kill-E-Crank-E, Nuts, Razer  and Terrorhurtz. It is a show that even watching the credits is exciting. With lots of old electrical appliances and some junk bicycles stagnating in the loft, all I need is a soldering iron and I’m in the game. And lucky me, I get to give my robot a name.