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(Guy) Forget Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, remember Gottfried and Ramírez

December 5, 2011

Anyone who knew me thirty years ago would tell you I was crazy about tennis. I used to play all the time with the inevitable result that I got better. Not having a strong serve didn’t hinder me as I was very quick around the court. I wouldn’t give up on any point and would return most shots that others would have let pass. Soon I was running out of players to play as I guess my regular opponents lost heart and through lack of challenge I drifted from the sport. Since then I have had sporadic games with various friends and colleagues.

One thing I did back then which seemed unusual was that when I played table tennis I played left-handed. I play tennis right-handed. I’m not sure how this came about. Mostly I’m right-handed. The only other thing I do with my left is play guitar, badly I might add. My table tennis ability is average. Losses are dismissed with the “I play with this hand to give you a chance” excuse.

Years later another sporting great changed hands, so to speak. Brian Lara was, at his peak, the best cricketing batsman in the world. He was left-handed. However, when he played golf (Why? For heaven’s sake) he used right-handed clubs. His reasoning was that he didn’t want his golf swing to impair with his natural talent for swinging a cricket bat. Maybe subconsciously that’s why I played TT using the “wrong ’un”. However, the script didn’t quite work out for me. If this were a musical blog: cue violins.

I’m not hung up about it even though in my prime I know I’d have had Andy Murray screaming blue murder as I whip him. In my days wooden racquets were the weaponry employed. I had a Slazenger bat that I wrapped with black masking tape to emulate my hero, Bjorn Borg and his famous Donnay racquet. See, there I go rabbitting on about tennis as if it’s 1981. Thanks for reading my rabbit. For the montage lovers this is a superb editing video. Included in this clip is the old love of my life, the minor tennis princess herself: Andrea Temesvari. Check her out at the 2.10 mark or thereabouts.