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“World war 4 will be fought with sticks and stones”

October 27, 2011

While peering out the rear window I noticed that a minor mishap had befallen my neighbour with his automobile. As it was a cold morning he decided to warm up his car and started the engine. Running into his house to fetch a coat when he returned he noticed the central locks had come down; he was locked out. Unfortunately, he told me before that he did not have a spare key. Luckily, he had “breakdown” cover and presumably that was who he was phoning. I watched Paul go inside and settle himself down near the window in his lounge.

Paul was a nice young man finding his way in the world. He would know better next time to buy a car that had two keys as part of the deal and one that doesn’t have a faulty locking system. The worst thing wrong with his car, for me, was that it was green. This “go green” nonsense has never washed with me. An hour passed before the breakdown engineer arrived. Paul went out to meet him. I spied through the blinds.

A few minutes chit-chat between the rescuer and the stranded one ensued. The engineer went back to his vehicle. I heightened in my room eager to know what modern instrument would be used to help my distressed neighbour. What sort of implement could pry the lock? Would it be an unusually structured piece of metal or perhaps, some kind of magnetic device?

The engineer reappeared with a coat hanger. He bended the hook to 180°
and picked the lock like a common car thief.