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The bibliophile cometh

June 22, 2011

It was recorded that Samuel Taylor Coleridge had read every book that had ever been published in history by the time he died. STC knew the endings to everything – and the beginnings and the middles.

I imagine there’s a child prodigy out there who has done a Coleridge in our time. This voracious reader will have laid waste to every novel, textbook, newspaper article, pamphlet, leaflet and blog. This gargantuan intellect using literary algorithms will know the ending to this post before its been written.

Having read everything, this modern young Pliny will have waded through a lot of dross. He must suffer for his art; like the others.

* The film aficionado that has watched every Holly/Bolly silent/talkie western/war cult/blockbuster movie ever produced. Ole square eyes will be watching turkeys from here to eternity.

* The Food Connoisseur that wants to taste every edible (more…)