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Fourth Anniversary edition (re-mastered)

September 8, 2013

Just how many times can a recording be reissued before you say to yourself enough is enough with that already. The marketing disease that repackages musical gems in new improved formats should be curtailed. There are various reasons mooted for milking the product. It’s an anniversary edition, bonus tracks have been unearthed or the sound has been made clearer, digital didgeridoo and all that. Ostensibly, it’s to stimulate sales and make a lot of money from dupes like me and you.

Unless you’re the Lord of Latveria you have to budget your pennies. Is it worth it having four different copies of the same LP? I use LP to cover all the musical bases as the LP was the original format I bought my long players in. Still, collectors will be collectors and they will find the funds to purchase that new reissue purely because it has an alternative version of a well known song.

DVD’s are also released in reissue mode with directors cuts, bonus interviews and digital enhancement. This is the same con to give the customer, let’s use a long-winded cliché to hammer out the point and elongate this sentence, to all intents and purposes goods he already owns. The reissue industry with its repackaging and remoulding is reaping rewards. It’s a good job this infernal practise has not spread to other markets.

Suspend your belief for a moment and imagine a blog being reissued. No doubt, you would be disgusted as would I were this to be an unhappy usual occurrence. A regurgitated version of a post already released is selling your public short. I don’t think I can stress how strongly I feel on this matter. You’re halfway through the page when Déjà vu whizzes in, whizzes in, and you recall reading this item before. You empty your pockets and notice you’ve been short-changed.

“They’re all the rage these days,” said my sub-editor “it’s incredible the cash you can rake in from a re-mastered blog.”

Hmm, I didn’t know they were cash vehicles. I asked my secretary, Hilary, her thoughts on the issue.

“It’ll save me climbing the paper mountain to do some research.”

This is a bit of a selfish reason on her part but I was coming round to the idea of reblogging a past masterpiece. Trouble was we didn’t have any past masterpieces. We had to re-issue mediocrity from our vault. Sailor Boy was captured by Somali pirates so it wouldn’t be fair to re-examine a Pink blog. We were also having contractual disputes with Barry the Brontosaurus’ legal team. The sub-editor suggested we publish our first post again so the paying public would see how bad we were then and how much worse we’ve become.

To celebrate four happy years of blogging here is a re-print of my first blog. This re-mastered version includes bonus pictures so you are getting value for money.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009


Disney’s takeover of Marvel Entertainment, Inc. promises exciting times ahead for lovers of the Mighty Marvel comic book super-heroes. Soon the famous costumed cavorters will have their day in the happy kingdom’s theme parks. What a thrill it will be to hurl through the skies on the Silver Surfer and speed into cosmic rays in the Fantasticar.

Disney’s heavy investment in Marvel should secure the future of the magazine titles; the life blood of the group. Action figures and film franchises are all good and well, traditionalists can’t do without their monthly world saving adventures. In some cases some of these characters are over fifty years old and maybe the injection of new funds will reenergise the Marvel universe.

In the pipeline the video games arcade punters will ooze puddles of drool over their controllers with a new line-up of beat-em-up games. Dr. Strange v Goofy. The Black Panther v Shere Khan. Aunt May v Uncle Scrooge. Disney will be looking to cash in real soon and if they are searching for a man to walk about Disneyland dressed as the mighty Thor, well, call me.

Most people are aware of the Marvel heroes mainly because of the films but you always need a good baddie (my first and probably only oxymoron) and the Marvel baddies are right up there with the baddest of the bad. For your pleasure, here’s a few of the super-villains.


The world devouring, planet eating, greedy gannet demi-God who wants to put Earth on a plate and consume it like a snack. All of a sudden a roll and sausage doesn’t seem satisfying.

The Sandman-

A shape shifting nasty who can transform his molecules from human form into sand quicker than quicksand. More often than not he slips through Spider-man’s fingers. I like Sandy, every day’s like a day at the seaside.

Absorbing man-

He can take on the properties of anything he touches. Therefore he could be gas, solid or liquid. With these powers you could never get drunk as the unique metabolism renders the alcohol useless. What a frightening thought; being sober.

The Tinkerer-

An engineering genius who can make an explosive weapon from a string of wool and three buttons! The ultimate jack and master of all trades but he’s never about when you need help to wire a three point plug.

And now duty calls. Flame On.