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Two games called football, huh?

January 28, 2015

Firstly, we’ll get the little local matter out of the way. It concerns the biggest thing on the planet. After an absence of three years this Sunday (Feb 1st) war will be renewed between old friends. Scotland’s greatest institution, the most successful football club in the world, the mighty, the magisterial, the 143 year old Glasgow Rangers will play them in the Scottish League Cup semi-final at Hampden Park. Come on the Bears.

Across the Atlantic a lesser event in the sporting calendar takes place the same Sunday later on in the evening. The inhabitants refer to it as the Super Bowl. This game is also called football though there is much handling of the funny-shaped ball and not much in the way of kicking.

I’ve only follow, followed American Football in the last few years and, to make it more interesting and tribal, decided to pick a team to support. The Baltimore Ravens were chosen purely because of my liking for the TV show, The Wire.

“I want my corners back”.

This was crime lord Avon Barksdale’s demand to his second-in-command Stringer Bell to retrieve their old drug-dealing prime real estate blocks and not an end zone tactic for a defensive backfield. The Wire made me root for the Ravens. You can scoff at my selection method all you want, it’s much more technical than shutting the eyes and sticking a pin on the States, hoping for the best. And anyway, Baltimore won the Super Bowl in my Freshman season. See, I’m well up on the lingo.

The New England Patriots will play the Seattle Seahawks in this year’s final. My neutral hat will be on in this one along with, hopefully, my happy hat after Rangers’ victory earlier on. My two sons and I will watch the match this year and we have contrived to get the Monday off work and further education. This gives us the time to experience the razzmatazz and sideshows that go along with it.  A few Super Bowl traditions have become commonplace in my household.

Hot dogs are an essential culinary delicacy on Super Bowl weekend and the dogs and rolls will be cooked on the spot. One of my sons wanted bratwursts due to his fondness for Deutschland. I had to tell him the Germans didn’t make it to  this World Cup. This stuummed him. Cat got your achtung.

Budweisers are chilling in the chiller ready to be popped open. You need to taste the fruit of the country to get in the swing of things. Good ole USA. Don’t tell the others but I have a stash of McEwans Exports planked near my chair. I’ll be downing them instead. Good old Scottish beer.

My wife declined the offer to wear a cheerleader’s outfit. She cited the old chestnut “not in front of the children, darling”. Maybe her refusal is just as well as she could possibly struggle to fit into her old costume. If she ever sees this…

We toyed with the idea of wearing American styled baseball caps but feared Chibber turning up unannounced and mocking us or worse, getting violent at our burgeoning Atlanticism. T-shirts with American place names were a more sensible and safer option; Chibber is regularly seen with a Texas Rangers top. Here’s my choice for the evening wear, nestling underneath a Captain America dressing gown. IMG_20150128_112406 It’s a stamina sapping weekend coming up. Games on.