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A Tribute to the Gers

May 16, 2011

Managing to wrangle a day off today, I took full advantage by partying all day yesterday. Still on a high I have only a sore throat to show for the excesses.

In what seemed mission impossible only a few weeks ago, Glasgow Rangers won their 54th (World Record) Scottish football league championship beating Kilmarnock in Ayrshire. A curio for the non-sporting and curious out there. Kilmarnock F.C’s home ground is called Rugby Park! Fittingly, the score was almost rugbyish. (Must remember to use rugbyish again when describing rugby)

Along with 40,000 other supporters my friends and I made our way to Ibrox Stadium after the match to celebrate with the team as they brought the trophy home. My camera phone captured poor quality images forcing me to raid You tube for better versions to parade. My pillaging is still at the betamax stage and the follow following video could change. Don’t adjust your settings or buy new glasses if you see different takes.

Forgive me this little diversion from more serious matters. At the beginning of the night (to turn around the old football cliché, at the end of the day) sport is just a form of entertainment and escapism. Now and then, though, it does bring fulfilling happiness. It was a day of good cheer, good beer with lively, good company.