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Take your pick

June 20, 2016

One of the wonders of playing the guitar is learning a new chord. Just the other day I added the Cadd9 chord to my repertoire. After adding them all up, this takes me to five chords I can “master”. The Cadd9 has a lovely sound. It makes a sweet “rinnggg” noise. After I strum it, forgetting myself sometimes, I answer the door but I digress. The Cadd9 means I can now hammer out a wicked version of Bad Moon Rising (G, Cadd9, D). A busking career is definitely in the offing.

Another offshoot I have found since becoming a “musician” is the wonderful world of plectrum collecting. These small pieces of plastic that aid the player are seductively charming. There’s billions of them out there and these picks are as cheap as chips. Just as I said I clean the guitar more often than I play it I also look at the plectrums rather than use them.

I could have filled this page with pleccy pics but I see trouble on the way.

Here’s the professional version of my song.