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Off the beaten track

August 17, 2010

Living in an over-populated urban metropolis means that when outdoors there are very few moments for quiet reflection. The bustle of crowds and the usual noises emanating from a big city environment are contributory factors to the dearth of good pastoral poets in this neighbourhood.

Deep in the heart of the city my son and I jostled with consumers, commuters and window shoppers. As we walked and ate our lunchtime snack of sausage rolls using our elbows to keep passers-by at a distance I gave him some business news. The rising wheat costs in Russia will drive up the price of our pastries.

(The rise and rise of wheat. A lot of dough)

We continued our squash through the pell-mell and were in an unexplored part of the town. The people were thinning out and turning a corner we noticed there was nobody about. Sandwiched between two rows of deathly quiet houses stood a small swing park. We sat on a bench and finished our meal.

My son was a bit big for the park and I’m an adult, however. At first reticent, I managed to persuade my son to have a revolution on the swings. Hesitantly and looking about to check the coast was clear he began to rotate. Try the big chute next, I dare you, I said. Now after the Dragon Khan this was a piece of cake. He slid down the not very scary chute but laughed heartily, nonetheless.

(A sanctuary far from the madding crowd, complete with frightening chute)

Soon he was enjoying himself and with little self-control I had to join in this caper. We had a competition to see whose swing could go the highest. We slid down the chute backwards; now that takes bravery. And on the see-saw we sprang like a demented jack in the box. Fearing that our luck would run out we left the vacant playground to its lonely existence and resolved to keep secret our little hideaway.
OK, who’s buying the sausage rolls this week?