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This is your peg

June 10, 2011

By diversification and shrewd management Peggy’s Pegs limited have taken a firm hold in the cut-throat world of clothes peg production. One peg has led to another and they now have a strong portfolio of pegs based merchandise.

I’ve always had a fascination with pegs since I was small as my gran and her cronies would talk about washing lines for hours. Behind the sofa pretending to play with my wooden rail track I’d listen in to the stimulating conversation. The subject had a broad spectrum ranging from the quality of washing being hanged to the positioning of the pegs on the garments.

There were unwritten rules regarding tenement washing line etiquette. The varied families had a designated day to display their wares. It was in the lap of the gods if it rained on your parade day. Newcomers to the close had to quickly change their usual way of washing and succumb to the new environment. Disputes over washing line rope were commonplace. Certain neighbours would roll in their line and not let any one else use it. As I said, fascinating stuff.

Peggy’s Pegs (PP) have branched out from the wooden peg of old into new industries. You’d think, only if there were an outbreak of skunk pestilence would you pin a peg on your nose. Not so. PP is the proud sponsor of the Synchronized Swimming world championships. If you’ve a magnifying glass handy you’ll see the PP logo on the swim dancers nose clips.

Designer earrings in the form of a peg are another bold venture. Initial sales reports are promising added to the fact that QVC (the home shopping channel) have given PP an upcoming slot in their schedule to sell their branded spring-loaded plastic/wood jewellery. All that glisters is not gold, apparently.

Through all this innovation they haven’t forgotten where they came from. The humble, two-pronged, stake you in the heart, ball-headed wooden peg is still available from their stores. The equine fragility of this artefact that made it into A History of the World in 100 Objects has been given a shot in the arm. A special repair centre will fix any broken legs in your pegs.

Pegs in popular culture

● The National Clothespin Defence League in 1978 introduced a slogan advocating pegs as gifts: a peg is for life, and a great Christmas present.

● in one of the first drafts of Shakespeare’s Richard III, the Plantagenet King was writ the almost immortal words. “A peg! A peg! My kingdom for a peg!”

● ZZ Top recorded a song called “Pegs”