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Saturday Night at the Trailers

April 24, 2010

The media group STV is to sell its cinema advertising business Pearl & Dean for £1. There must be a catch in the small print somewhere. Surely you can’t go to Poundland and purchase Pearl & Dean?

The P&D contracted adverts are a prequel before the film. Lively and increasingly entertaining as they are, when all’s said and done they are just adverts. Consider this, nobody sits around watching the ad’s on TV, there’s other things to do during the break. Water the plants, take the rubbish out, read the My Telegraph home page, pick your ears and inspect the results. You know what I mean, make your own lists up.

As an infrequent moviegoer when I plunge into the theatre I pay no attention to Pearly Deans. However, one of the delights in a trip to the pictures is the trailers for upcoming films. These tasters for future attractions are getting longer and the editors seem to have bulleted in all the major lines and scenes in the films. On account of this you drool that you will definitely want to see this. Sometimes the best bits are in the trailer and the film fails to live up to the hype.

It is annoying the people who see a film as soon as it is released and give away all the twists and conclusions. Websites have a name for this sort of thing: spoilers. I’d love to put all these air deflector individuals on a trailer and send them Barefoot to Timbuktu. A law should be passed that films should only be discussed in certain places. A suitable arena could be the foyer after you have watched the film…making sure that the next lot of patrons overhear your conversation.

Another regular complaint about going to the flicks is the noise. Some members of the public ignore the mobile phone warning and then there’s the loud eating of hungry film buffs. These criticisms can not be thrown at me. My phone always needs charged up and I’ve consumed all my Coca-Cola and crisps during the trailers. However, in the past I have been guilty of uh…having my feet on the seat in front of me. Normally it isn’t a problem but if somebody is sitting there…

Science fiction blockbusters work the best on the big screen in my opinion, you might prefer romantic comedies, and I look forward to Iron Man II.