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Dei of the Jackal

May 7, 2010

This would be the Jackal’s most ambitious target to date or would it be a prey too far? The previous crimes had been so effectively perpetrated that the press were pressed to call them assassinations. He had now upped the stakes and the next man on the hit list was the Pope.

His last victim, Simon Cowell, with his plentiful security entourage gave the Jackal problems. However, as you’d expect, it was the high waisted trousers that Cowell wears that was the most challenging part of the assignment. The Pope is slightly better known and if the Jackal could pull this one off or more literally pull this one up, infamy forever would be his legacy.

The Jackal took extreme pride in his handiwork and his hand speed was that of a boxer. In the manner of all career criminals, gloves were the norm, although in the Jackal’s case this was for hygiene reasons. In this line of work you can come across some expelled waste residue. (more…)