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High Art meets Lowlander

August 8, 2010

The famous art forger, John Myatt, now earns a living making genuine fakes and teaching students how to draw. A movie based on his life is in the offing. Some of the things he’s done might seem unpalatable but this poacher turned gamekeeper has had an eventful life.

The world of painting has always interested me and while cubism and surrealism and all the other isms can look nonsensical, realistic art impresses me. JMW Turner and Rembrandt are two of my favourite artists. Many times have I feasted my eyes on Rembrandts Man in Armour (see left) which is situated in Kelvinbridge Art Gallery. While I can spend hours staring at the amazing landscapes Turner created.

(Chichester canal, 1828, Turner)

Polished and immaculate art can sell for thousands or millions depending on the buyer. Not one to miss a trick I started practising with my crayons and what began merely as a hobby has snowballed into something different. Portraiture is my forte in this line of work and I got my first commission from a patron who wished to remain anonymous. Word of mouth of my prints hanging in the local bar must have reached him.

This is a rough draft and purportedly even these sketches can fetch a few quid. I am still working on the masterpiece and it should see the light of day sometime soon. Respected art dealers have told me I could be nominated for the Turner prize. Lurvly.