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Out with the old…well most of it, anyway

January 1, 2011

You can get attached to some of your wardrobe. Even when that trusty old jacket is showing signs of wear and tear it doesn‘t seem right to let it go. But there has to be a cull somewhere because if you don’t your house will be as packed as a stall in a Blackpool market. Twice a year it is culling season for clothes in my house.

Both my sons are slightly bigger than me though clothes wise we are the same size. At Christmas time their two grans and other assorted family members present them with clothes as they are too old for toys. (I miss those days and sometimes buy myself a toy to play with.) Most of the presents have the gift receipt inside the wrapping paper and if the boys don’t like the clothes it is easy enough to exchange them. Quite thoughtful, my immediate family, to give them their due.

After they have made their exchanges and/or kept the items they liked, their wardrobe is full to the gunnels. So now it’s the boys turn to cull. With sadness they place a heap of old clothes at the door. Before the charity shop beckons for these garments I have a ruffle through them. Now the lads’ old clothes are in better nick than my new ones. From the bundle I claim a few of the unwanted and squash them in my chest of drawers.

The transfer of this clothing can confuse my wife and after a washing she forgets whose stuff is whose and where it should go. When the laundered items they discarded are put in their rooms by innocent mistake, my sons throw the T-shirts and polo shirts at me. “They’re yours” they say. Charming, only a few days ago they were upset at losing these things. But now with all their brand new clothes they’ve forgotten about the old puppy they had. The hand-me-downs don’t deserve to be treated like this. For hand-me-downs everywhere, the not pressed oppressed, I’m thinking of you at this crucial time of year.

Talking of hand-me-downs. When I was young no one in my area was well-off and everybody was struggling to make ends meet. It was not uncommon for families to pass clothing down the line from oldest to youngest. Nobody made a big deal of this and as far as I can remember nobody was teased about it. I was lucky to be the only son of my parents although I did receive some of my cousins cast-offs. Even luckier for me was that my parents didn’t dress me in my sisters clothes. I could have turned out differently, if you know what I mean and not be the muscular, macho, masculine individual that you know today. I did cry when watching Toy Story 3 but we‘ll keep that to ourselves.

In the coming year I’d like to wish everyone health and happiness. Hope all of you had a great time at the bells. Happy New Year.