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Flammable Flirting

June 9, 2010

The current price of crude oil is $72.53 b/bl. That’s your latest up to date business news.

A friend of mine has found a way of dating women and it’s all to do with petrol. Any driver when not filling the tank will tell you that it is the norm to round off your filling to an easy, quick payment number; £10, £15, £20 and so on and so forth. Now if my friend spots an attractive lady teller by her lonesome in the station he deliberately pumps in an odd number; £14.71, £17.77, £19.23 and so on and so forth.

His reasoning is that this gives him plenty of scope to start a conversation and he varies his chat up lines from woman to woman. “I need a woman’s guiding hand to help me.” “When I saw you I didn’t know when to stop.” “There’s so much emptiness in my life, I need change.”

Well, I decided to give this a go. Not, of course, as dating, merely as harmless mild flirting. Eventually an opportunity arose. As I squeezed my nozzle at the station I saw this beautiful woman behind the desk and I was feeling bold. Putting £18.73 (this is my favourite number) of fuel in my car I strolled over to the garage shop.

As I neared the pay-in desk there was no one there. A minute passed and when I looked out the window I saw the beautiful woman wearing a coat and walking hand in hand with, presumably, her boyfriend.
“Hello, sailor boy.” From the back store of the shop bouncing to the till emerged the effeminate young man who cut my hair recently.
“Don’t you cut hair any more?” I asked, trying hard not to look at his pink trousers.
“The place closed because people stopped coming in, so here I am. What’s this, £18.73? And I thought I was camp.”