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We t Ha St ward

September 6, 2012

Charlie was in a good mood. In fact, if you could have a cloud ten or a division above the Premiership he’d be on it. Today he was starting his new job as a steward at Upton Park, home to the mighty hammers of London’s east end, West Ham. His duties were, basically, showing people to their seat. This menial task was offset by the uniform Charlie was given: a big fluorescent yellow jacket.

All his life Charlie had wanted to don a big yellow jacket. It was in double figures the amount of times he failed the interview to be a car park attendant. He was too anxious and it put employers off. That was in the past, now he was a member of the yellow brigade. A figure of authority. He took his spot at the top of the enclosure steps.

He started off well. Early entrants to the match had been directed to their positions with little difficulty. Charlie knew his section like the freckles on the back of his hand. There were some spectators that found their seat themselves but for the floundering Charlie was their man. Without Charlie they were lost.

Coming up the stairs to the arena was a young supporter with his eyes fixed to his ticket. Charlie nodded to himself, this guy doesn’t know where he is going. Sure enough the fan spotted the yellow jacket and asked Charlie for help in finding his destination. The ticket said J10.

Charlie pointed down the steps and said “you’re ten rows from the front and just in to the right”. Thanks, said the hammer fan. Charlie turned to look for more incoming when a few seconds later the same fan pulled at his elbow.

“My seat’s not there”. said the fan.

“It must be there. Is somebody sitting on it?” asked Charlie.

“No. the seat’s not there.”

Charlie decided to investigate and took the young fan down the steps. All the steps were lettered beginning with A at the bottom. Charlie went to step J. The paint lettering on  the concreted step J had been worn off. Step I, on the ninth row, and step K on the eleventh were clearly shown. The tenth row had no letter. Although he was exasperated Charlie retained his sense of duty. He sat the fan down just inside the aisle on the J10 seat.

Charlie went back to his post at the top of the steps. He thought to himself. When you are in the yellow jacket fraternity you meet every walk of life in society. The next person to ask Charlie for directions had a ticket with the location J15 on it. Charlie burst into football song- here we go, here we go, here we go…again.