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Megadeth still draw breath

June 8, 2013
Dave Mustaine

Dave Mustaine

The current Megadeth album, Super Collider, has been slated by most of the heavy metal press. Their bone of contention is that the record is too much hard rock and not enough thrash metal. For the uninitiated there is a subtle difference. Basically, thrash metal is very fast guitar playing with the Fretboard a blur of fingers. Hard rock is, well you know what hard rock is.

The critics can be cruel and would probably have complained that Megadeth are stuck in a rut if the long player was the same as past albums. To me, the songs hold up well and have their moments. This is the band’s first album on their own record label, Tradecraft. I’m quite happy that they have left Roadrunner Records, for obvious reasons. Work that one out for yourself.

Dave Mustaine is the founding member of the band. He also sings, plays lead guitar, is chief songwriter and writes all the lyrics. In the Megadeth canon there are lots of examples of Dave touching on serious topics. On the Super Collider track, Forget to Remember, Mustaine draws on the fact that his mother-in-law has Alzheimer’s disease. The song itself is a cracking rocker and proof that our Dave can still produce the goods.