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The Thing about Stan

April 23, 2010

Stan’s Soapbox was the original blog. Forty years later we’ve all jumped on his bandwagon. The multi-talented writer of this good natured little monthly column was Stan (the Man) Lee. Stan was a jack of all trades with more strings to his bow than the non-harp playing Leonardo Da Vinci. Writer, editor, producer, publisher, chairman, soapbox philosopher, probable tea or more probably, coffee maker at Marvel Comics Group –and now moonlighting as an actor in costumed caper films- Stan was behind some of the greatest heroes and villains ever created.

One of his favourite ploys was the use of alliteration in naming his bombastic, balloon speaking band of bright coloured baddies and baddie bashers. Stan said the similar sounding consonants embellished his characters and made them easier to remember. Who can forget: Peter Parker, Bruce Banner, Otto Octavius, Matt Murdoch, Reed Richards, Stephen Strange or Taneleer Tivan? The last one is for anoraks only. As a collector of Marvels in my youth my appetite for the world saving exploits of theses iconic figures has waned…slightly. Nonetheless the charm and humour of Stan Lee left a huge impression on me.

Compared to the realistic scribbling of the literati luminaries of late like Alan Moore or Neil Gaiman to name two, Stan’s stories sound stilted. (more…)