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The songbook of sweet molars

March 21, 2016

The little stranger didn’t take kindly to bullies. All his childhood he’d been picked on by older, tougher, bigger boys. He was regularly beaten and had black and blue scars on his back as a reminder of those cruel days. Nowadays, he was a feared one-footed street fighter and gunfighter.

He roamed from town to town, went thru life without a care, happy as a clown, with his two fists of iron going nowhere. Until he went to Nowhere. The little town of Nowhere.

In this little ramshackle one dog town there was injustice. The Belgian boys were the kings of Nowhere. They took what they wanted and handed out beatings to any one that dared look their way.

The little stranger came across a little girl crying along the way. Said she’d been hurt so bad that she’d never love again. The Little stranger said “Someday, your crying , girl, will end.” She pointed the finger at the Belgian boys and without further agadoos the little stranger confronted the Belgian boys.

He ran at them.

From out of nowhere the one dog town let loose its kennels. There were dogs and people and fanfares everywhere in Nowhere. The Belgian boys were ran out of town. The little stranger was feted and the population wanted to know more about their hero.

All heroes have feet of clay, a weakness in their seeming invincibility. Iron Man has a weak heart. Mr Fantastic has stretch limits. Black Bolt must not talk. The Hulk has anger management issues. The townsfolk of Nowhere asked the little strangers if he had any weakness.

“Sugar” he said. “I have a sweet tooth”