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Giro di Italia

July 21, 2010

Before I’m past it I have started to eat pasta and jog -not at the same time I might add. The varied pasta dishes makes for a healthy diet. If there’s none handy a cannavaro of beans will do instead; also good for running.

With fresh air in my head I pound the streets and parks early in the morning. A local fruit merchant, Luca Brasi’s, is on my way and old Luca throws me an apple every day.
“Graziano.” I say to him.
But old Luca is a wise guy. Invariably the apple is rotten to the core and I throw it in the nearest pond. Luca Brasi’s apple sleeps with the fishes.

Another regular on my run is my wee pesky pal Joe who is returning from a night out in the club. Wearing new scars he tells me his latest joke. What does the Human Torch say before a game of snooker? Frame on. You’re a funny guy; I say to him and scarper before he pulls out his gun.

In all my time of running I’ve never came across the big stairway. This is every jogger’s dream. A sizeable crowd joins you on the road, everyman and his dog, spurring you on to greater heights culminating in a roar as you reach the top of a concrete Gran Paradiso. Me and Fausto have to make do with piccoli passi.

I have lost lots of pounds because every day I go an extra mile and therefore it costs more for the taxi back. My biggest worry while in the cab is talking to the driver. I dread he will make eye contact with me in the rear view window and say.
“You talkin’ to me? You talkin’ to me? You talkin’ to me? Then who the hell else are you talking… you talking to me? Well I’m the only one here.”