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Another bubble that is going to burst

October 8, 2013


The chewing gum producers, William Wrigley JR. Company, plan to build a second factory in Russia. The site has not been decided yet. They are also preparing to expand their current plant in ST. Petersburg. “We’re open to more acquisitions in Russia,” said Igor Savelyev, Wrigley’s chief for Eastern and Southern Europe. “There’s huge growth opportunity.” This just goes to show how far a stick of gum can go.

My sheltered life meant I have little experience of chewing gum. My grandmother positively prohibited it in our household. “It will stick in your throat and you’ll die!” was the warning she gave me and my sisters. This had a sobering effect on us though, of course, we weren’t drunk. We could only look at our chewing gum contemporaries as their mouths worked like pistons on the bark. It never stuck in anyone’s throat, when they were finished with it they stuck it under the desk.

In those pre-computer games days football card trading was one of the joys of childhood. After buying a few sets of cards inevitably, you would have a few “doublers” of players. Thus, the swapping began. I’ll swap you Kevin Keegan for Alan Hansen. You must be joking. Here, have Joe Corrigan instead. This friendly bartering was part of the appeal of the game. Unfortunately, for me, the packet of cards came with a piece of bubble gum as a bonus. Soon my friends were blowing bubbles with their gum and they didn’t even support West Ham. With envy I looked as they had contests to see who could blow the biggest bubble. Spotting an opportunity, I lotted my unchewed bit of bubble gum in an auction. The gum would go to the bidder that offered the best football cards. In football heaven, at last I got my hands on Glenn Hoddle and Ossie Ardiles.


Talking of chewing gum auctions a startling item was bought on Ebay last week. A piece of gum chewed by Gene Simmons of Kiss -he’s the one with the long tongue- sold for $247,202.74. (you’ve got to love that 74 cents, don’t you?). One wonders what the rich recipient of the flavourless little clump will do with it. Maybe he will have a wee chew at it himself and then stick it under his desk. Or it could be he’ll put it in a glass cabinet beside his Jean Simmons toenails clippings collection.

From toenails to twinkle toes.

Arsenal paid a hefty £42.5 million to capture the German footballer, Mesut Ozil. Watching his skills with chewing gum you can see why they paid such a big fee for him.     

A collection of unusual Kiss merchandise

For the discerning collector, these are must-have items: cycling shorts, lip balm and adorable sock monkeys.