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A Plague against Plagiarists

September 3, 2013



The practice of taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s own.

The above was copied from the Oxford dictionary, in case they complain about not being credited.

If there’s one thing writers hate more than a block, it is having their work plagiarised. You go to all that trouble mixing up the 26 letters of the alphabet into some kind of a semblance of a story and then someone nicks your idea and runs away with the glory. If it were up to me I’d give plagiarists 2000 lines of “I must not copy because copying is bad” for punishment. That would teach them.

Once, in my fledgling years of blogging, it was hinted from A.N Other that I had copied a poem and claimed it was an original. I protested and said I always name checked sources of lyrics and sayings if I used them. This Mr Other trawled the known internetverse looking for proof of my crime. He could find none and eventually believed that I had written the ode. The scenes of jubilation outside the court room were startling. For he’s a jolly good fellow rang out around the world.

All the arts have had their share of plagiarism scandals. In the music world rip-offs of songs are as old as Haley’s comet. In one of the more recent episodes concerning two of the latest hottest acts (probably, dear readers, you won’t know these two singers from Eve). Leona Lewis accused Rihanna of stealing her song. Lewis says she recorded “We found Love” first. Her version wasn’t released and Rihanna’s went on to be a big smash. The funny thing about all this is that the song was written by Calvin Harris. Both Lewis and Rihanna can’t write songs.

One of my more literate friends told me that Tennessee Williams, if he were still alive, should sue Cheryl Cole for copying his bum of a play The Rose Tattoo on her behind.

He laughed at his own observation.

It was no laughing matter when I checked up on the latest Kenzo advertising campaign. Kenzo are a luxury fashion and perfume maker. While their rival fashion designers have opted for glamour and refinement in their marketing Kenzo have delivered a surreal fun catalogue of images.

All Mother and Well until I recalled a few years back, while writing about London fashion week, I revealed a brand new design on one of my blogs. I can see similarities with my copyrighted photograph and the Kenzo merchandise.

My lawyers have been informed.