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Songs that make you cry

September 13, 2013

Ballads don’t count. Ballads are cheating. There’s a thousand and one silly love songs that have been written in the slow form of a ballad and all these cheese sandwiches are designed to make you mourn or cry. And while I have a few favourites of the cheesers, we all do, I’m looking for a more filling piece of music to move my hard heart.

Heavy metal and hard rock songs are my most listened to type of music. Nothing is as thrilling as the power of a rock song in full flow. Thrill after thrill is experienced when the rock band have got it just right. Limited as this genre is, you can’t have enough thrills in your life if you ask me. Listen to the opening riff of AC/DC’s Thunderstruck and the anticipation makes the hair on the back of your neck stand on end. Likewise, the simplicity of those big guitar chords in Megadeth’s Symphony of Destruction make you want to bang your head -Again and again and again to quote Status Quo. However, there’s not been one rock song that made me cry. Sore head afterwards, notwithstanding.

The classical movement has never caught my coat and tails. While I could name most of the popular classics thanks to the glory of adverts and stuff like that, I would find it hard to name the composer if a less well-known tune came on; they all sound the same, don’t they? One composer, two composers , three composers, four. Yet there are aficionados of radio 3 that are moved emotionally by pieces of this music. Though again, it’s slow movements which are comparable to a ballad so it doesn’t count.

Jazz music has many styles and I’m sure many star performers that can bring the audience to tears. Unfortunately, I know nothing about jazz and can’t provide further comment.

The least respected of all the musical arts is the humble pop music. Three minute records, instantly unforgettable with all the properties of an unfulfilling snack. And yet. Now and again a gem can appear from the most unlikely source. A friend showed me this video which encapsulated the poignancy of the lyrics. A simple little love song with a medium beat that hit me in the heart.


Boo, Hoo, Hoo, (come on now, calm down, pull yourself together- sub-editor comment)

Songs that make you smile

This simple little song from David Bowie always cheers me up. Have a nice night, ladies and gentlemen. Let’s dance.