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Bring me sunshine (and more sunshine)

July 24, 2013

It’s still boiling hot in the North West Hemisphere. My yellow string vest is clinging to me like a cub to its mother. The sandals are kicked off, the red shorts are rolled up. The purple handkerchief with the tied-up corners is sitting on my head as I sit on my deck chair looking to all the world (well, the neighbours anyway) like a seaside postcard. And as I drift to sleep I dream of those long ago days in the sun when holidays were such fun.

There were five of us took the trip to Viva Espana back in the 80’s. Our first trip abroad. Definitely, an eye-opener and not just because of the topless bathing. What’s all that salty water in the shower about? And the two-point plug socket? And the funny tasting beer? Where’s the good old McEwan’s?

Enough with the questions. In those days the air carriers were a bit more lax on what you could carry on the plane, you could take everything with you including the kitchen sink unlike the weight restrictions of today. So one of the gang took one of those huge boom boxes with him so we could blast out some music. After one day in the hotel we were banned from using the thing. Apparently, we were too loud. Hard to believe, isn’t it?

The beach, on the other hand, was fair game. We took up our position in the sand, fully loaded with bottles of the native brew and let loose the boom box with all its sonic delights. Sun bathers, frisbee throwers and sandcastle makers were all victims of our noise. Two weeks they had to suffer us. By day three we had the beach to ourselves. One song in particular was played often because it reminded us of the home country. Take it away, Johnny.

Epic track, Mr Beattie is probably still coining in the royalties from it. The B side of this ditty was also a good one. It was called “What are we going to put on the B-side?” The chorus went like this.

What are we going to put on the B-side?

It disnae matter, naebody listens away

Right, right I’m for a pint

Doon in the pub on a Friday night

What are we going to put on the B-side?

It disnae matter, naebody listens away

Sheer class. Bob Dylan, eat your heart out.

No doubt, you lot will be hoping for rain as the sun sometimes goes to my head.