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Happy Birthday, John

August 19, 2014

John Richard Deacon- born August 19th 1951



John Deacon is the fourth most famous member of the rock supergroup, Queen. With their being only four in the band this is not good but John would like it that way. Naturally shy, he has now retired from the music business. Queen fans still regard him as a legend as the other two surviving members have tarnished the image somewhat with some of their choices of temporary singers and inferior material releases.

The Queen family can be notoriously ballistic when annoyed. When I started the rumour on a few Queen message boards that in the early days John was wanting to do a Mercury and change his name to John Abbot they began to brandish pitchforks at me. This didn’t frighten me and I said that the other two were thinking of calling themselves, Brian June and Roger Draper. I was banned from the websites. Still am.

John wrote two of the band’s biggest hits in the 80s. The long-titled classics- Another One Bites The Dust and I Want To Break Free. Yet it is his early 70s work that is beguiling. You And I and Spread Your Wings are some of the most dazzling pop music recorded. In particular, I have a fondness for only the second song John wrote. From the A Night at the Opera album, You’re My Best Friend is just perfect. Written for his wife it is beautifully sung by the most famous member of the band. It charted in the UK at number seven.

John, many happy returns.