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Beautiful Natalie (Holly) Wood

October 25, 2012

“When you half-open the window blinds, you only see half the picture.”

Kurt Logan, sculptor.

Hoping not to let any one think I’m an old fogey ( I’m still young, well, youngish) I endeavour never to say “they don’t make them like that any more”. In one field of entertainment it can not be denied that the old ’uns were better. I’m talking Hollywood and the long lost art of filmmaking.

Today’s blockbuster’s are hi-tech and full of special effects. This might bedazzle audiences, to me, it is a smokescreen; when you’ve seen one firework, you’ve seen them all. I get the feeling that the producers of the here and now have forgotten about plot and characterisation that used to drive their vehicles. David Bowie famously turned down the part of being a James Bond baddie because he didn’t want to spend five months watching his stunt double fall off cliffs. Bowie, for all his talents, is a cracked actor not a celebrated one but he does make a good point.

I confess I still watch the latest movies as it is an easy way of passing the evening. At the end, though, there is no thrill, instead the chill of emptiness as most of the pictures are instantly forgettable. As a fan of superhero comics in my youth I teleport (BAMF!) to the picture house to catch the adventures of the costumed crusaders. The reworking of these classics on celluloid leave me as cold as Iceman. The adaptations are not as good as the original comic books. LOVEFILM, ah well, I used to.

In the good old days the tales of Hollywood were legend. Scandal was swept under the carpet as studio heads protected their stars. The paparazzi were threatened that they’d wake up with a camera’s lens at the bottom of their bed if they exposed a major player. Today’s batch of movie icons have to be more careful, though some welcome bad publicity as “the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about” (Kurt Logan Oscar Wilde).


One of the leading ladies that caught my eye when I didn’t have my nose buried in the Mighty World of Marvel was the beautiful Natalie Wood. If Natalie’s life story was fictional you wouldn’t believe it. A child actress that blossomed into a lovely flower, starring with the cream of male actors before retiring early in her career (later, Bjorn Borg did the same, I digress) and ultimately dying, a controversial death. She was unique in a world full of zany characters.

My favourite Natalie Wood film is This Property is Condemned which was based on a one-act play by Tennessee Williams. She has never looked lovelier. In one scene she had to act drunk and using the method actor’s craft, of which she wasn’t a member, she decided to get blind drunk for real. I have been amused by this piece a thousand and one times. Can you imagine it? The license to get drunk and be paid for it. They don’t make them like that any more.