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Surf’s up, School’s out

July 2, 2010

I have used the construction method of the first little pig and squashed my Geoff Boycott straw hat into my suitcase. Everybody knows the sun is bad for your skin so sun block 70+ is also stowed away. Wrinkle free at the moment; I am taking no chances to let the first one appear; your starter for ten as Bamber Gascoigne would say.

What I am hinting at is we’re off on holiday to Spain for a week. One week of complete enjoyment that will take another week to reDavieCooperate. Not content with being crazy all year round, holiday time brings out the full moon in my family and we’re all filled with excitement. Strangely, the neighbours are happy as well.

When abroad, I don’t go near a computer or phone or any technological gadget, I go totally primitive. Completely and utterly…what is it….Lord of the Fleas. I would like to express gratitude to the regular readers and commentators. There are a million and one other places you could be, thanks for dropping in here. I’ll leave you with a nice summery song from The Boss.