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The Horse and the Hat

June 16, 2010

A huge sporting event started this week. It is one of horse racing’s big meetings in the calendar. The Royal Ascot fixture in Berkshire is regularly attended by members of Royalty and the aristocracy. Thoroughbred horses mingle with well bred Lords and Ladies of the nobility and it’s hard to tell which is which.

One of the delights of Royal Ascot is the varied assortment of hats on show. Wimbledon might have strawberries and cream, Forfar Athletic might have the best bridies and Bovril, for fashion stakes the Ascot ladies win hands down. Chaffing champagne and discussing Voltaire, the smart set at the race goers Vanity Fair have the looks and the brains to kill for. ‘Tis a Pity about the bird’s nest on their grey matter.

Many times I’ve thought about making my own design for a hat while going to the races. By races I mean a cold September weekend at Hamilton and not the distinguished Ascot. Therefore the hat must be resilient when faced with the elements. A saucepan with a few bricks tied and dangling from the handle would fit the bill. It could also come in handy if there’s any trouble.

This talk of hats reminded me that it’s holiday time soon. Normally I wear the boring skip caps that are popular. This time, against the wishes of my wife, I am going to invest in a Geoff Boycott hat. A refreshing change, I think, and while I’m sinking my San Miguel’s I can talk Voltaire or more likely Dan Dare with the bar man.

(Our Geoff. No looks, not much brains but what a hat!)

Anyway back to designs as its competition time at the JW10 website. You know you’ve got to be as mad as a milliner to be here and this is your chance to be a hatter. What is your invention for a suitable piece of attire for the top of your head? The most barking is the winner and multiple entries are allowed as there are no rules.
No prize, either.