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The Great British Takeaway

January 30, 2010

The papers are full of tragic, miserable stories and proprietors must think we need our healthy diet of bad news. “Eeyore” tales sell copy, I was told by J. Jonah Jameson, the obnoxious micro managing publisher of the Daily Bugle. Yah boo and Pooh to that, we should be trumpeting the good things in life as that’s what Tiggers do best.

A bite sized snippet you might have missed in the broadsheets concerned the Swedish company SSP who have sold the Harry Ramsden chain of fish and chip shops to the Midlands based Boparan Ventures Limited (BVL). “Harry Ramsden’s is a great British institution and we want to put it back on the map by focusing on the fundamental basics of superb service, exceptional value and, most importantly, the very best tasting fish and chips you can buy”, said Mr. Boparan. Amen to that.

Apart from The Queen and the revered, majestic Royal family, the only thing that entices tourists to our shores is our cuisine. We have a plethora of fancy Dan restaurants but the humble “Chippy” continues to punch many fries above its weight. As fast foods go nothing smells or tastes as gut rumbling as a bag of heavily salted chips and vinegary cod. Fat’s the way we like it. In olden days it was served in newsprint and you could read through the oily fat stains the dire doom-laden newscast while you juggled a hot chip on your tongue.

Fish ‘n chip shops once held a monopoly on fast food in Britain before the invasion of a raft of new multicultural eateries. Kebabs, curries, pizza, chicken nuggets, big Macs and whoppers all had a shot at the title but tradition holds firm, especially in the older generation, and grease is the word. Grecian 2000 as well, for that matter, digressing.

Not everyone likes a fish supper and other extravagant fare was available on the carte du jour. In a certain part of the country the deep fried Mars Bar was very popular and my apologies for drooling. Fritters (was that the name of the now defunct Stephen Fry Twitter page?) always do a good trade and haggis truly is the Great chieftain o’ the pudding- race. Here’s a typical menu from these outlets. Scrumptious.